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LV & MV Circuit Breakers, Magnetic Contactors, Drives, Changeover Devices.

MCCB, MCB, Switch & Sockets & Enclosure

CircuitBreakers,Magnetic Contactors,Switch & Sockets, Busbar, SDB, Multi-function Meters.

Oil Immersed Power & Distribution Transformer, Cast Resin Transformer

LV & MV Circuit Breakers, Magnetic Contactors, Drives, DOL Starter, Fuses, AVR, Cast Resin Transformer, SDB

Capacitor Bank

Circuit Breakers, Drives, Transformer,

Complete solution of BBT (Busbar Trunking System).

MCB, MCCB, DB, Capacitor Banks, Changeover Switch

Analog & Digital Panel Meters

Surge Protection Devices (SPD), Lightning Protection, PLC, Relays, Terminal Blocks, PCB Connectors, Universal Power Supply, TVSS

Enclosure for Power Control and Motor Control Centre, Enclosure for Drive & Control , Cooling Unit, Fan Filter, Racks and cabinet for data centre.

Power Capacitor Banks

Capacitor Bank

Power Factor Controller Relay, IDMT Relay

Circuit Breakers

Switch & Sockets, Metering Equipment, Capacitor Banks, Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers, Magnetic Contactors

Circuit Breakers & Enclosures

Tube Light T8 & CFL

LED Lights, Louver Shades, Industrial shade (T5 & T8), CFL, Batten Shades

T8 & T5 Tube, CFL, LED Bulbs, Metal Halide Bulbs, louver shade, LED T8, Ballasts for T5 tubes.

Fluorescent Tube T8, CFL, LED Bulbs, Halogen Bulbs,

IP rated enclosures

Circuit Breakers & Magnetic Contactors

Capacitor Bank

Switch & Sockets, Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers


Power Factor Controller Relay

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